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Endangered Daintree Wildlife


The daintree is the home to the world's highest diversity of plant life. The region has 95 plant families, with over 1000 species. 500 of the species are trees belonging to 70 families.Of 19 families of primitive angiosperms (flowering plants), 11 can be located in the Daintree rainforest. The Daintree holds more primitive plant groups than any other rainforest in the world.
Biologists see the area as a living museum of plants which originated in the super continent, Gondwana. This seems to be a main factor contributing to its inclusion in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area in 1988.


The Native Guava or Copper Laurel
The Native Guava (Eupomatia laurina) is a relic, primitive species with its entire family composed of only one genus with two species.
A primitive vine, Austrobaileya is rare and endemic to the Wet Tropics (found nowhere else). It is the only species in its family and it is confined to very wet rainforests from low to upland altitudes.
The Green Dinosaur or Ribbonwood Tree
Believed to be extinct after the return of its discoverer in 1800's. However, the plant was rediscovered in 1971 when the toxic plant began turning uo in the stomachs of dead cows.

Few plants of the Daintree seem to be noteably endangered. However, any plant that is rare and found only in the Daintree are continuously faced with threats if growing outside World Heritage Protected area. Many plants are constanly submitted to land clearing, bushfires etc.

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